I never felt like a Texan until I lived in other places. It took getting away to learn what others expect of that identity. It seems everyone has an opinion of Texas. Because of this, I find the idea of the “Texan” more compelling. Visualizing ideas is a way for me to understand this place I am from, where I belong in it, and the projections of others. 

 My BMX bike has taken me to many places I wouldn’t have gone on my own. It has opened my eyes to the often overlooked. Nuanced evidence of life through seemingly undesirable landscapes, and simple architecture, that is a virtual playground. Being a female BMX rider, I am of a rare breed that is growing, but still has it’s obstructions in this male dominated sport. I like to think about these identities that have been given to me, and what they mean. I’ve been told that I am a BMX “girl” and, I am a “Texan”.

I collect the things I see in my community and landscapes and add them to a mix of fabric, stitching, and paint. Using materials I find evokes my strong sense of DIY. My work utilizes a blend of observation, humor and self introspection.