I am fascinated with the life an object once had before it was in my possession. What it smells like. Who owned it, how old are they now, are they still alive? What kind of house was it in, what did it see? WHEN was it? Why do I have it now?

I use books, a mix of found materials, paint, craft, and fabric, to project my ideas. With a blend of nostalgia, humor and recurring themes from my own world, I’ve found the perfect way to express this is through collage, painting, and assemblage. Using found items for my work gives me a sense of giving them a new life.

Being restricted to the resources I’ve collected allows me to be even more experimental with the materials.


Originally from Dallas, Texas, I grew up attending a very small 1950’s-esque Christian Baptist school, my home life was a house full of slap-stick horror movie lovers. It was bible studies all day, and blood and guts all evening. This juxtaposition has been a constant for me my entire life. I always knew I was going to make art, naturally I’m drawn to themes of death and comedy, though I like to disguise these themes behind a curtain, using nostalgia and innocence. The flash of familiarity draws you in, then you see what’s really happening. 

Many of my recurring themes play with humor and death, but this is only half the battle. My process is about searching, repurposing, and resourcefulness. For me, the most fun way to express my ideas is through collage.

I like to restrict myself as much as possible to things I find in the world of discard. I have an addiction to thrift stores. I like to put myself in a thrift store, with out any real plan, and let what happens happen. I will spend hours looking through just about everything until something finds me. A book, an old blanket, sheets, curtains, old fabric, wood, whatever it is, that one object becomes the crucial piece, and the rest builds around it.